Marie Philly

I'm afraid of heights, but did not wish to pass up the opportunity to balloon over Cappadocia. The ride itself was glorious! We went up very early in the morning - we had to be at the balloon place at 4:30am. You are divided into groups and driven to the take off site. There were 150 balloons in the air that day and I took fabulous photos. The balloon glides up or down and other than the captain adding air to the balloon, it was quiet and peaceful. The scenery was breathtaking and we watched the sun rise from the balloon. Do not miss this opportunity! The staff was wonderful and you could have tea/coffee and biscuits prior to your flight. Afterward there was a cute ceremony before heading back to your hotel.

Bernie Oldham

Held off signing up for the balloon ride to a couple of days before we reached Cappadocia. Was lucky to be able to take the ride as I was the twentieth person from our tour to sign up and our gondola held twenty. No way could have they added another person. After four days of no go, we had a perfect morning for our ride. At one time there must have been close to a hundred hot air balloon in the air with us. Everywhere you looked, there were balloon. After an incredible hour or more in the air, we descended and landed on the back of a pickup truck. How awesome. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.

Masa Archer

Baloon trip was one of my dream , as soon as i get to cappadocia i asked my host Burak to book out hot air baloon trip, he booked us with this company..the driver picked us up around 4:30 am and brought us to one place for great breakfast...Our pilot Gokhan was great ...it feel awesome Wonderful when you started to see the sunrise. Experience of lifetime.....and I highly recommended this company.

Tim Curtis

The ride we took was excellent from star to finish. The shuttle picked us up on time and we enjoyed a nice relaxed breakfast while the groups registered. The balloon was 16 people but with a portioned basket with groups of four and plenty of room. Our pilot Gokhan got us off the ground first thing in the morning and took us to a perfect location and height for an unobscured view of the sunrise. He was also good at getting us good views of the geography without getting caught in the cluster of balloons. We always seemed to be just ahead of the chasing masses which was ideal for comfort and photos! The friendly pilot and attentive staff made us feel safe and valued from start to finish.

Clarita Fasciglione

AWESOME breakfast with granola which we haven't seen in Turkey so far, that was just the tip of the iceberg!! Pilot Kadir Ertas was totally killing it te whole flight! We flew trough the caves and valleys, right in between! Of course every flight is different cause you go where the wind blows but... The way he approach the ground and caves and come back up was incredible. Landing...impeccable. Champagne ritual and service door to door again! Epic and priceless times here in Capadoccia. Thanks to the whole crew of Universal Baloons for the experience!

Shweta Chaudhury

Everything about this was great, we were picked up from our hotel, and taken to the company's office. We were given breakfast (coffee/tea/cereal/biscuits/cake), and even offered blankets (which we willingly took) as it was freezing that day! We were driven to the balloons, and were helped with boarding the basket. The flight was an amazing experience, Our pilot, very friendly person, pointed out various points of interest to us. The one hour flight went away in a flash! The ground crew helped us land and helped us get out of the baskets (bit of climbing involved). We were then given champagne and cakes to celebrate along with medallions! Then we were dropped back to our hotels. Overall, an excellent experience. Will strongly recommend this company!

John Stepson

This was a wonderful experience,very well organised and well worth the money,in the air for just over an hour. The Pilot Furkan was pleasant and very experienced at what he did.breath taking views over mountains,volcano and valleys. Definetely reccomend this trip!

Brent Wise

I was so impressed on how organized and efficient this trip was. Like literally I didn't have to think or plan anything, we'll worth the price!! Furkan was incredibly professional and piloted us through some beautiful areas to see the cave homes from the air The ride was incredible. Seeing a sunrise from a balloon, while hundreds of balloons were in the air with us - truly awesome. They're surprise at the end of the journey is very classy and well done. Best thing I've done on my month long Eastern Europe/Turkey trip.

Figgy Bread

The whole experience with Universal Balloons was fantastic. Picked up from your hotel for signing in and briefing at HQ. Cakes/biscuits, tea/coffee then off for an absolutely fantastic experience. The pilot (Furkan) was a professional and offered assurance and humour throughout the ride. The back up staff too were great. Going to Cappadocia? You must do the balloon ride and I have no hesitation in recommending Universal Balloons. All finished off with sparkling wine and a medal to keep as a memento ......

Vaniele G

“Awesome trip” The pilot Kadir was awesome, everything was perfect! The price is good, all the staff are very nice, prepared and good professionals.

Jean Lee

Our fantastic pilot was so skilled and speaking good English! The balloon basket was safe and well managed with wind blowing .Total number of people was almost 15 ppl., and it was enough space to see the stunning view. They picked up at the hotel about 4:40-50 and dropped off at their office which is close to their balloon spot. The simple breakfast – tea/coffee, bread, and cookies - was provided before flying as well as champagne & medals were provided at the celebration. Overall, there’s nothing to regret. The amazing view is the same whatever you choose, so the pilot skills, number of people in the basket, service and cost would be the decision making factors. Fortunately, I’ve booked the Universal balloon via my hotel and it was GREAT.

Dave Ginger

Many of the other companies seem to just take you up for the sunrise and back down. Universal Balloon actually navigated us through the canyons and rock formations, then up to see the sunrise after get an up close and personal view of the caves and ancient cities. He provided us with information on the landscape and gave us an overview of the how hot air balloon actually works, which I thought was interesting. They top it off with a glass of champaign after landing. Highly recommend this company!

Julie Vienphap

The main reason why we decided to visit Cappadocia was for the balloon rides. This was everything and more that I expected to be! The scenery was beautiful setting flight when the sun had just risen, and watching the other colorful balloons rise up was very stunning. Our ride was great, and our pilot, Kadir, was very informative and professional. He was able to fly us very close to the valley edges (almost touching) and swooping us up at the right moments to let us enjoy some great views. Very good landing and was a very safe trip the whole time. Would come back!

Mark U.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to do the balloon flight I have two words - do it! More than worth it. Universal was well organized and the captain took us on a beautiful ride. This is a Must in cappadocia and these guys did a great job.

Gabor V.

If you are in Cappadocia, don't miss this one. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Every penny! Amazing view ower the unbelievable landscape of this area. Among around one hundred balloons, we took up among the firsts and landed among the lasts, so it was a pretty long trip. Pilot was very professional, as far as I can tell. He took us to several valleys and turned the balloon in different positions. The manager is a funny guy, making jokes all the time, entertaining the tourists while on the ground. Everything was fine, no complaints at all!